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Goals: How often do you review them?

Do you have your goals written down?  How often do you read your list of goals you have set for yourself?  I played golf with a friend that is also in the coaching business.  He had attended a seminar where the speaker spoke about the importance of setting goals, but also reviewing them on a daily basis.  He then reached in his pocket and produced the goals he had set for himself, and stated that whenever he had some down time, he would read over his goals.  How powerful is that? 

After you have set your goals, type them up in small print, then print them out.  Go to your local Staples or Office Max and have them laminated, then carry them every where you go.  When you have some down time, pull them out and read them over and over again.  This is where the magic of visualization and affirmation takes place.  You are constantly reinforcing goals and providing your subconscious mind with information.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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Money Choices, You Have To Be Smart


October 3, 2011

Corey Crowder

I had a coaching session with a client yesterday that wanted advice about an investment he wanted to get involved with.  This investment dealt with real estate.  I can remember years ago, I got my Georgia real estate license, with the hopes of purchasing some houses and making a business out of selling and managing real estate.  The very thought of me having my real estate license made me feel like I was qualified to own this type of business.  Why did I go in this direction; it was simple…everybody else was doing it.  The television stations talked about it 24 hours a day, the players in the locker room were talking about it and my friends at home were talking about.  Therefore, my thinking was, how could I go wrong and it was a safe play.  This is one time when I could have used a coach to help me think, before I invested my money.  I was so thrilled that my client had confided in me enough to ask for help, before he invested his hard earn money into such a venture.  Do not get me wrong, my job as a executive coach / consultant, is not to talk my client out of his decision, but to get him to merely think and analyze everything that this deal involves.  As a professional athlete, he will not have the time to run this business, because he has to mentally be at the top of his game, or he will lose his edge and position on the team…big mistake.  What I did with my client, was to get him to understand that he cannot afford to lose $1 of the money he has made off of his back playing professional basketball.  Therefore, he needs to treat every dollar like it is worth 1 million.  My reasoning is that most professional basketball careers are short, and the player will not be able to make the same income he is making, once his career is over.  I used a risk meter test to get him to think about this project, before he invests his hard earned money.  The first thing I asked was: (1). On a scale of 1-10, how would he rank the possibility of him losing his money in this real estate venture..his answer was a 5.  (2). On a scale of 1-10, how would he rank the possibility of him losing his money, if he just simply left it sitting in a bank account..his answer was 0. (3). On a scale of 1-10, how would he rank the possibility of him losing his money, if he invested the same amount he would have invested in the real estate venture; if he instead invested it in GOLD..his answer was 0.  What you get from this exercise is a clear cut answer to his question; the numbers do not and will never lie.  Either you have a chance of losing money or you don’t.  Again, I must stress that I cannot and will not ever tell a client not to invest in anything.  It is there decision; my job is to ask questions that will make him / her think before they lose any of their money.  My advice to him, was to learn everything he possibly can about the: markets, economic climate, banking, real estate deals, rehab deals, tax issues, incorporating a business, getting a business license, contractors, property managers, personal finances, insurance (property, umbrella, liability, flood) titles, title insurance, real estate laws, accounting, and his ability to run a company.  If he does not have a file covering everything I have mentioned above, what do you think his chances of success are?  Just like the numbers I spoke about above, the answer to this question will not lie…the answer is what it is.

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If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it with amazing accuracity
Michael Lee-Chin
Legends of Basketball Florida Chapter launch in Orlando, Florida

Legends of Basketball Florida Chapter launch in Orlando, Florida

Today’s Economy And Its Effects On Ex-Athletes

October 3, 2011 By Corey Crowder Leave a Comment

If you just finished college and you played a sport, or if you have recently played your last professional game, this blog is written with you in mind.  America (and the world) as we once knew it has changed forever.  No longer will we be able to: get any type of job with just a four-year degree, borrow money so easily, live outside our means, only work 40 hours a week – invest in our 401(k)’s – retire at sixty something.  Our world has changed forever.

The reason I am writing this blog is to challenge you to do more with the most valuable thing you have–your TIME.  How much is your TIME worth to you?  This is a question you must be able to answer in 3 seconds or less.  If you do not have an answer to this question, you will be one of those people that will be forever left behind and only be getting out of your life what someone else is willing to give you.

Many of you are searching for this type of job (if I am wrong, then please excuse me): Report to work at 8:00 AM, take a lunch break at 12:00 PM, and then get off at 5:00 PM.  You may get a $0.25 to $1.00 raise and maybe a yearly bonus.  Does that sound familiar to you?  I used to have this type of job and so do millions of other people. Maybe you even have a job like this now.  Question, don’t you feel like one of those mice on a treadmill, going around and around until you are old enough to retire?  At this point, questions should be formulating in your mind.  These questions should go something like this: Is this what my life looks like?; How can I change this?; I wonder how I can get off this treadmill?; How can I find something else to do?; or How can I not become one of those people left behind?

As athletes, you spend your whole life trying to make it to the college level, then maybe make it to the professional level.  You have not put much thought into the day when you cannot play sports any longer.  People, the reason I can write about this subject, is that I was just like you.  Therefore, I know EVERYTHING you have, will and are going through right now.  You have to understand that you are different than a regular student.  They had time to think about one thing–studying.  You have to think about studying and making sure you do not lose your spot on the team you play on.  You do not have the time in the summer to work or do internships. You have to constantly workout and get better at your sport.  You are unique and you have certain things a normal student does not have, but you may not understand these things and how to use them to your benefit.

Here is a short game plan for you to start working on, so that you will not be left behind in today’s economy and hopefully you can find your way in the new world.

First: Start Networking–build a network of people that can help you get where you want to go.

Second: Develop a Self Improvement Program–read, read, read – find things that you can learn that will give you an edge on your competition.

Third: Find Out What Your Strengths Are–get with a career coach so that he/she can help you understand what it is that you are good at.

Fourth: Start Making A Game Plan–this is a plan for your future.

Fifth: Set Some Goals–these goals should be reviewed on a daily basis.

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